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Parents need someone who work with others in collaborative fashion.  I’ve been able to do that on several team settings in sports, academics, and in my corporate career.

Parents need someone to help them be inspired to get involved!  I have done this by forming a traffic safety committee that led to positive improvements.  I have also been involved in addressing parent concerns about Common Core and related Testing.

Parents need someone who will share relevant and timely information on the issues of today!  I believe myself to be highly informed and always learning new concepts in our ever changing Education world.

With the great school district that we have- parents need someone to further collaborate on the school board to act in their best interests!   I want to help parents be empowered with their involvement and in addressing their concerns.

When my oldest son started Kindergarten at newly opened Carson Elementary in 2007, I learned at our superintendent’s invitational luncheon why low turnout and insufficient involvement had caused Puyallup to fall short on two construction bonds at the time.  Yet I was inspired how parents loved their teachers and were so proud of Puyallup’s excellent reputation.  The concerns about future overcrowding spurred me into getting involved with our PTA and learning about various Education Reform initiatives.  I later formed a school committee with other concerned parents to solve part of our new school’s traffic problem by engaging the Pierce County Traffic Engineers.  This led to various improvements including the installation of our sorely needed Left Turn Arrow and expansion of the School Zone.

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Despite challenges of surging enrollment, we were very fortunate the community was engaged to pass the 2015 Construction Bond.  We need to continue this great trend when the next set of solutions are presented in alleviating our elementary and junior high schools.  We also need to effectively deal with the implementation of the Every Student Succeeds Act.  I understand these challenges and would be honored with your vote to maintain excellence in Puyallup Schools!