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Regarding the Common Core State Standards, while I've had major concerns about the process and content, our state is locked in with the impending ESSA plan to the US Dept of Ed come Sept. The only possibility to change the standards is if State Supt. Reykdal orders a study of the developmentally inappropriate K-3rd standards for possible revision, as requested by a teacher's union. I don't pretend to think I could ever get us out of Common Core but we will need to continually manage to them with sensible curricula. The district has been working on identifying and teaching to the most essential standards. I am concerned about what will emerge if textbooks go away (Grades 4-12) Will the curriculum be watered down? Very important to research these trends.  Bottom line is that these are not world class standards and they were not internationally bench marked.

Remember it's not necessarily that the standards are dumbed down, but rather it's that they are written in a way that burns kids out by requiring extensive and repetitive reading and writing in each subject.  Students don't get a solid foundation in elementary, especially in math, to draw from as they learn a heap of topics and techniques at once to explore, so there is no mastery.  There is more exploration and constructivist math vs. actual mastery.  Colleges will have to change what and how they teach as kids are no longer working individually and doing what we've known as traditional style math, etc. So this is why colleges are saying kids need more remediation because they have to learn to sit, do their own work, and do the step-by-step math you need for actual careers.

Also- Regarding the Smarter Balanced Assessment, if the board had a resolution to replace it with another assessment (which would need considerable study) then I would likely be in favor of such a resolution. Depends on if the district had the flexibility to change but everyone is in lock step with the SBA. Something could change in some larger districts and we will need to be aware of the trends.  If the state legislature introduced legislation to get out of the Consortium, then I would likely comment in favor of that, as an individual. I would love nothing more than WA State to get out of SBAC and have nothing to do with American Institutes in Research (AIR).

Here is a good summary of the issues on the following meme:

Summary CC Issues